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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 4, 2019

Transitioning from wholesale to private label requires a new set of skills and considerations. Here to discuss his transition to private label is Ramon Gonzalez, a member of the Wizards of Amazon. Ramon started his sales journey as a rep selling distillation equipment for Captain Morgan rum. Due to the transient nature of the product, however, he decided to move into a more stable arena and found wholesales and wholesales online.

Ramon has been dominating in wholesales for several years but recently had an experience that had him taking a second look at private label. As he was putting together a bundle for a wholesale product, one of his suppliers ran out of the product. Rather than waiting for over a month for the new supply to come in, he took a chance and sourced the product directly from China. He saved a considerable amount of money on each bundle and subsequently made significantly more than he was projected to initially. 

Instead of diving directly into private label, Ramon has taken the time to build slowly. He’s looking to divert some of his wholesale profits and resources into private label and build it into his main source of income over time. His goal is to reduce the number of SKUs he has to manage without reducing his income. 

Ramon is a relentless business owner who has taken the time to understand the changing operational and knowledge requirements needed for transitioning his business. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from Ramon’s experience in both wholesale and the process of transitioning to private label. 


In This Episode:

[00:23] Welcome to the show Ramon Gonzalez, here to discuss going private label.

[01:30] Learn more about Ramon and his experience before and after Amazon.

[05:38] Listen as Ramon shares the biggest issue he is experiencing in his business right now.

[07:09] Ramon shares his vision for his private label transition from wholesale.

[08:01] Why private label? 

[10:38] How is Ramon’s wholesale business structured and how does that influence his private label structure.

[12:24] Ramon shares what caused him to look into sourcing directly. 

[17:46] How does moving into private label change the operations of Ramon’s business? 

[21:05] What is Ramon’s business superpower? 

[22:10] Ramon shares his favorite book and why.

[23:36] Connect with Ramon in the Wizards of Amazon Facebook group.


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