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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 9, 2019

Imagine Carlos as a brand new business owner making his first trip to mainland China in the hopes of vetting factories for his new products. He’s planned out his days, made detailed itineraries, and knows exactly which factories he wants to visit each day. Then he arrives in China and on day one he only visits one factory. On day two he also only visits one factory. 

This continues until he begins to feel like the trip is a complete failure. Until on one of his trips, he learns a new way to conduct his vetting process. Rather than visiting each factory, one by one, why not have the factory representatives come to him instead? 

Carlos shares how you can maximize your time and your resources to make each sourcing trip immensely more productive than his first trip to China. In short, he determines which cities are most appropriate for the product he’s looking to manufacture. From there he sends out a general call to the factories in the area to let them know that he will be visiting and when. He provides them with detailed instructions on how to become a potential partner, and then he spends one day vetting all of the factories in the area.

Listen in to learn the whole process, the benefits of creating efficiencies in your sourcing trips, and how you can start implementing this now! Keep listening until the end so that you can find out how to obtain a free request for proposal template and a discount code for Carlos’s favorite calendar scheduling program!


In This Episode:

[00:38] Welcome back and get ready to learn about maximizing your time and resources.

[01:26] Carlos reminisces about his first business trip to China and impossible expectations.

[03:53] What changed his view of his how to maximize his time in China?

[06:17] Learn how Carlos approaches his China trips now.

[08:19] How does Carlos use the firewall for his calendar scheduling link to weed out factories? 

[11:14] What is Carlos’s goal by having multiple factory representatives in one place at one time? 

[12:41] How does he react to any representative who is not prepared for the meeting? 

[13:38] Learn a couple of the benefits of doing mass meetings rather than visiting each individual factory right out of the gate.

[15:08] What happens with the top contenders of the vetting process? 

[15:52] Listen in for a pro-tip!

[17:17] Keep in mind that you are not going to vet every factory in mainland China from one hotel…


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