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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 24, 2020

Galyna Parker is one of the founding members of the Wizards of Amazon Meetup group! She has been in e-Commerce for over 10 years and she recently started selling white label products without the hassle of finding her own manufacturers. Listen in as she shares how she got started in e-Commerce, what prompted her to look into vendors rather than manufacturers, and how that has translated into creating her own specially branded products.

It all started when Galyna sought to have her own specialized color for one of the products she was selling. She reached out to the vendor that she was receiving the product from and asked if they could get it in her color and then sign off on that color so that no one else could sell it. They said yes and she has been selling that same product for more than three years.

Fast-forward to today and she has been sourcing products through vendors rather than going direct to manufacturers because the customer service has been great and the time she saves is enormous. They take a lot of the work out of her Amazon selling business. 

Listen in as she delves into why she prefers this route, what she recommends as the first place to get started, and how you can take measures to protect yourself from the sharks on Amazon. Learn how you can create a private label product without the extra hassle!


In This Episode:

[00:37] Welcome back to the show. Galyna Parker is here to discuss her unique take on PL.

[01:20] Galyna shares a bit about her background and how she got started in online selling.

[02:47] What was Galyna doing before Amazon? 

[04:00] Learn how to white label or private label without manufacturing.
[06:23] How did Galyna go about sourcing her products?
[09:07] Were there any additional fees for sourcing directly from the vendor?
[11:38] Any cons in the relationship she has with the vendor? 

[13:40] Why did Galyna decide to create her own brand through sourcing a new product?
[16:04] Does she have to have conversations with the factory creating the product? 

[17:40] Is she considering moving toward white label with her branded product? 

[20:13] Why source rather than manufacturing your own products? 

[22:24] How can you get started in this method and what should you be wary of?
[24:07] Connect with Galyna.

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