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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 2, 2020

Amazon is diving back into the world of live videos but this time around it promises to be much more effective. The first go-round consisted of Amazon employees creating live videos on their main home page but the results were terrible.

Now if you have the right credentials, you can go live to help build awareness of your brand. You need to have an Amazon Influencer account along with Amazon Creator studio and you’re set. You can create paid and organic videos that have a couple of different placements but the best part is that your Live videos stay housed in Facebook.

Your ability to bring awareness to your brand is going to be greatly enhanced by this new platform. We have been testing out Amazon LIve Video extensively and the results have been astounding. Listen in to this episode to learn who can go live, how you go live, and where your live videos are housed.

A couple of weeks from now I will air part II and that is where we will discuss the strategy behind creating live videos. Let me know what you think about this two-part format. I’m curious to know if you’d prefer smaller chunks of information or longer episodes. Either way, you won’t want to miss out on this information because Amazon Live Video is going to be an integral part of your marketing strategy.

In This Episode:

[00:33] Welcome back. Get ready to learn all about Amazon Live Video. 

[02:31] Two things I’ve been doubling down on are Alexa and Amazon Live Video. Learn more about how Live is going to change Amazon shopping.

[05:07] This is not Amazon’s first foray into Live video, but it’s certainly more impactful.

[06:17] Who can stream on Amazon Live Video? 

[08:18] How can you live stream? 

[11:30] You can get very creative with this!

[11:57] Where does your live stream go? 

[12:34] There are two ways to go about live streams, paid and free.

[15:56] Your lives show up on your storefront when you go live. 

[17:29] Learn how this process works. 

[19:45] You have a shareable dedicated URL for your Amazon Live Video. What does this mean?

[21:21] What happens to your Live Stream after you go live? 

[22:23] Part two will involve tactics and strategy for going live.

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