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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 9, 2020

Miro Posavec is no stranger to hardship in business. After building up a very successful business in real estate and physical stores, the Great Recession swept the rug out from underneath him. He went from successful business owner to single father struggling to keep the lights on.

He realized he had to get another business up and running as soon as possible. He sourced a healthcare product and started selling it to doctors and health stores in his area. When someone asked him about selling on Amazon, he initially declined, but later realized that it was the perfect place for his products. 

It took buying and implementing the training in an online course to really move the needle in his business though. In two weeks, he went from selling $2k in products to $20k in products per week. Miro has overcome several obstacles since then and he keeps driving his business forward. 

One of the ways he’s done this is by hiring skilled virtual assistants to tackle tasks in various parts of his business. He has relied on VAs for several years, but it wasn’t until he ran into Amazon PPC that he realized he needed to start hiring VAs with specific skills. It was an AHA! moment that has taken a great deal of stress out of running his business. 

Listen in as Miro and Carlos share their hiring strategies and practices for onboarding new VAs. Is your business ready for some help? Learn exactly what to look for and how to bring them onto your team the right way.


In This Episode:

[00:34] Welcome Miro Posavecs to the show to discuss how VAs boost your business. 

[01:55] Learn more about Miro and how he moved into selling on Amazon.

[05:20] How taking a course completely changed the face of Miro’s business.

[07:07] Why Miro’s son inspired his products and how he’s doing now.

[08:03] Overcoming obstacles is the key to success on Amazon and in business. 

[10:27] Would Miro consider himself a successful Amazon seller?

[13:44] What caused Miro to see the value of high dollar VAs?
[17:48] Learn more about the process for using FreeeUp to hire team members.

[20:36] How did the communication process work? 

[22:24] Miro shares his PPC spend before and after hiring his VA and how his sales changed.

[25:11] What does the cost of Miro’s skilled VA services cost? 

[26:20] Hear Miro’s advice to new sellers about utilizing the services of VAs.

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