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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 30, 2020

Now is the time to thrive, not just survive. I know that you’re being bombarded with negative information on all sides, so I wanted to address how you can look at ways to adapt your business during this time. 


Your mindset, now more than ever, will be the deciding factor in whether or not your business succeeds. So many people feel betrayed by Amazon choosing to prioritize essential items for shipping, thereby cutting into their sales. This is a good thing.


How many more people are now on Amazon Prime because they can get their groceries and other essentials with the Prime promise? Those people are highly likely to stay on Prime and keep shopping after this pandemic. 


I wanted to share with you ways you can “pandemic-proof” your business for the future while still finding ways to get your products to your customers. Listen in as I share two tactics that you can start using today. 


Again your mindset during this time is the most important piece. If you succumb to the panic, your business will not make it through. Don’t panic, plan.


In This Episode:

[02:24] Carlos shares why he switched his topic for this episode and how mindset is so important right now. 

[03:40] We are in a pandemic, but your mindset is the most important part of success.

[05:57] Why it’s a good thing that things will never be the same as they were before.

[06:50] What to do about not being able to send items to FBA.

[08:22] How you can still use your FBA account to dropship your products.

[10:44] You need to create merchant fulfilled options on your listings. 

[14:30] Learn why you need to add an offering not convert your current offering and what to do next. 

[16:30] What you need to do if your FBM offering doesn’t get the buy box immediately.

[19:30] We are on the right side of this… adapt and you will survive. 

[21:33] Mindset, mindset, mindset… if you’re feeling despair, take a hard look at your mindset. Don’t panic

[23:44] Amazon did a good thing by prioritizing essentials. This will end up in more buyers.

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