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Wizards of Amazon

Jun 15, 2020

No matter how many Amazon reviews you have on a product, you always need more. Colleen Quattlebaum of eComEngine joined me to chat about the power of Amazon reviews and why you shouldn’t be complacent once you’ve reached a high number.

Now Amazon reviews versus buyer feedback are two different things and affect your listings in different ways. Reviews help boost your visibility and inspire others to buy when they are recent, well written, and come from a trusted source. Reviews once given also can’t be erased or changed.

Buyer feedback on the other hand affects your Amazon SEO and a negative feedback can be changed. It is still extremely important to have amazing feedback scores. Listen as Colleen shares how eComEngine approaches the review process and why you should be asking your customers to leave reviews. 

If this isn’t already an integral part of your process… then you have some work to do. Listen in to see how you can start implementing systems and processes around requesting reviews, today.


In This Episode:

[00:29] Welcome special guest and Amazon Sellers group sponsor Colleen Quattlebaum. 

[02:28] Hear a bit about Colleen’s background and her experience with EcomEngine.

[04:10] How important is it to have reviews on amazon and why? 

[05:46] What are the top things that differentiate very similar products? 

[07:57] Are there best practices for getting reviews early on? 

[09:29] Do certain products fare better with the early reviewer program? 

[10:05] Aside from early reviewers, how else can a new seller get reviews? 

[12:54] What type of verbiage is appropriate for requesting reviews from purchasers? 

[15:15] Is the manual request a review button better for conversions than automated requests? 

[16:45] How EcomEngine automated the request a review button. 

[19:59] Can you keep the automated request a review action from sending out to someone who has already left a review?

[21:47] What’s the best system for getting higher numbers of reviews? 

[22:27] Learn other ways to get reviews for your products. 

[23:26] What should sellers be aware of right now with Amazon and reviews versus feedback?

[25:29] How does seller feedback impact your listings? 

[28:16] Any parting feedback and advice from Colleen? 

[30:01] What is Colleen’s favorite book and why? 

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