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Wizards of Ecom

Jun 8, 2020

It only took 33 episodes, but I finally got one of the leaders of the Meetup group, Gabe Cossio, on the show to chat about the group and of course… selling on Amazon. We’ve been working to have Gabe come on since the beginning of the podcast and the stars finally aligned.

Gabe has been an avid entrepreneur since he was a young child. He grew up in a household with a single mom who was also an entrepreneur and simply loved to work. That drive was passed to him and he started several of his own businesses before he ever left high school.

Ecomm has his heart however and he loves chatting about it. We spend time discussing our China trip and why it has been so impactful in Gabe’s life and business. We step a little bit into Gabe’s thoughts on the future of ecommerce and why we should be prepared for additional global pandemics. 

This was such a fun conversation spanning several different areas of discussion. If you’ve been interested in joining the China trip or just learning more, this is the episode you’ll want to listen to. Gabe is actually the one who coordinates all of our international trips now!  


In This Episode:

[00:39] Welcome Gabe Cossio to the show… finally.

[01:45] How Gabe and Carlos met and the change it made in Gabe’s business. 

[05:41] Gabe just has a passion for helping people.

[06:06] Listen as Gabe shares why he turned to ecomm.

[09:25] How Gabe’s role in the Meetup group has changed and evolved. 

[13:29] Connect with Gabe to get the breakdown on the China trip and what your budget should look like. 

[14:51] Hear the details about the China trip. 

[16:39] What sort of budget should you consider for the China trip? 

[19:21] When do we plan on going to China again? 

[22:25] Why Covid has helped bring the Meetup groups together with so much more community. 

[25:00] Learn how you can access the group. 

[26:09] What are Amazon businesses getting wrong right now? 

[28:43] How is Gabe planning in his business to prepare for another pandemic? 

[30:37] Connect with Gabe. 

[31:14] Gabe’s favorite book and why. 

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