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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 9, 2020

Press releases are news. News that makes the headline makes the spotlight and being on spotlight, positively that is, is great traffic for the business. Press releases are your business’ ticket to publicity. But what makes an effective press release in businesses and in Amazon businesses?


If you think you need PR in your business or perhaps your business needs media awareness & attention or you want to drive traffic to grow your business. Wondering how press releases work for Amazon businesses. These and more are to be answered in this episode with PR Reach’s Shane Oglow and Norman Farrar.

In This Episode:

[00:32] Introducing Norman Farrar and Shane Oglow of PR Reach.

[02:30] Norman Farrar talking about how he met Shane at a mastermind event through network, and the rest is history.

[04:22] Shane talks about how it started for him with Amazon space.

[05:00] ASM- Amazing Money Machine

[06:25] Shane talks about how he found

[09:40] Norman speaks about Amazon suspending accounts

[12:15] The affect of the new amazon A10 algorithm.

[12:35] PR- Press Release VS PR- Public Relation advertising is discussed by Shane.

[15:50] What leads to high traffic & high authority sites.

[19:18] It’s all about the contacts and going pro.

[19:50] PR for Amazon also involves creating high quality content.

[20:15] Norman talks about the effect of a good PR in search engine.

[23:15] Quality distribution for press releases.

[24:10] The power of network and proper distribution of PR.

[25:25] PR Reach is about getting high quality authority links.

[29:35] A10 algorithm & how to deal with it with press release and what impacts & dominates other contents.

[35:45] How PR links get boosted.

[34:20] Driving traffic to your website through Amazon link.

[35:35] Example of getting traffic via link is getting a brand ambassador.

[41:20] How launching works and the cost of signing with PR Reach.

[45:19] When to deploy PR?

[46:25] People are wasting rebates.

[48:00] A tool that identifies influencers/people buying your products.

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