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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 23, 2020

One of the most memorable guests we had at the Amazon Seller meet-up, Kitty Lai gave us the honor to speak here and had me blown away with her knowledge about our topic on packaging design and the role it plays on Amazon selling.

Kitty shares her brain on branding in packaging and all the things you should know about the right packaging for your business. Kitty will also talk about how packaging is like a personalised message that helps build your relationship with your customers. This and a lot of insights from our guest, Kitty.


So,If you are struggling with brand identity and creativity for your product, this is the episode you want to listen to. After listening to her, I'm sure you would want to book her for your products.


In This Episode:

[00:39] Introducing Kitty Lai

[01:00] March 2019 when Kitty made a guest appearance at Amazon Seller Meet-up at Florida.

[02:52] Kitty is a specially trained visual communicator, graduated as a graphic designer and worked with different retail brands in the UK.

[03:54] Kitty has 20 years of experience in rebranding and marketing business.

[04: 06] She started an Amazon business when she fell out of love with designing.

[04:50] 2017 when Kitty started her Amazon selling business in the UK and US.

[09:50] Kitty talking about how branding in Amazon should feel and look like and packaging talks to customers.

[10:50] Kitty gave Apple as an example of a brand that gets it right in terms of packaging and branding as a whole.

[13:20] Discussed how Apple’s branding changes over the years and what its branding gives to consumers with its packaging.

[15:07] Kitty talks about the importance of a logo that carries a brand.

[19:30] Example of how to use proper color in branding of a baby bottle.

[26:00] Why you should invest on quality photos.

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FACEBOOK: @kittylai.brand


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Building a Story Brand By: Will Listen


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