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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 30, 2020

In e-commerce or in any other business that keeps evolving, how does your business keep up? Do you see growth in as early as 1 year? Are you starting a business and interested to learn what your working capital can do? If the answer is yes, get the dibs in this episode as Alfredo tells us what it’s like to start a business at Sellers Funding and what businesses they can help grow.

Alfredo will also be sharing with us his hindsight of what e-commerce will be like in the year 2021 given the Covid situation. If this caught you, you have to stay tuned in as it is a positive view.

In This Episode:

[00:35] Welcoming Alfredo Borjas. Alfredo and I were Covid friends

[01:45] Seller Funding basics

[02:40] Alfredo being an attorney for insurance claims and how he shifted to being customer manager at SF.

[05:53] Sellers Funding started from offering loans for e-com businesses only and expanded now and has a different range of products from offering financial solutions for international payments, digital wallet and more.

[07:00] How is the range of funding like in SF?

[08:15] Customer success managing

[09:25] Saying no to clients when SF feels like they are not ready yet is the hardest part.

[13:50] How Covid actually impacted Amazon industry and other online seller businesses.

[17:15] How does SF work for new clients in other countries?

[20:30] How will lending business look next year?

[21:58] Growth is continuing.


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