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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 14, 2020

060-Amazon, Walmart and Etsy Product Ranking with AZ-Rank and Alina Vlaic

There are a lot of ways to top rank your Amazon products but which ones work? With millions of Amazon sellers trying to rank, what are the chances yours could? What are effective ranking factors to make it on top? 

Learn a thing or two about ranking from Alina Vlaic of AZ Rank and with her knowledge in the Ins and Outs of ranking, she can guarantee ranking as problem solved.

Listen in as she shares how she got started in e-com as an Amazon seller, failed a launch and what makes her decide to do a ranking business.

When asked between product sourcing and ranking, she chose ranking. Tune in as she delves into why she prefers this route, her community of sellers, her ranking recommendation strategies, and outside Amazon marketplace platform. You wouldn't want to miss nuggets of knowledge she will be sharing, so listen in.


In This Episode:

[00:33] Introducing a new friend Alina Vlaic.

[02:52] Alina talks about how she started as a seller in Amazon UK & Europe. Moved to the USA to pursue PL.

[04:42] How AZ Rank was founded.

[05:39] Alina talks about a n unsuccessful product launched.

[08:31] What does AZ Rank do and its services.

[12:18] Alina was asked to choose between Product Sourcing or Ranking.

[14:57] AZ Rank using gray

[17:22] Building ranking plan combining search find buy.

[20:22] 2 channels Alisa recommends to consider : Etsy & Walmart

[28:40] Why is Walmart PL a lot easier according to Alina.

[32:47] How is the ranking in Walmart and Etsy like?

[33:48] Advice from Alina: Diversity.

Book Reference:

Traction By: Gino Wickman




INSTAGRAM: azrank_com


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