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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 28, 2020

How do sellers keep up with the ever developing e-commerce? Amazon is a dominant online store, Is it worth trying Amazon competitors? In this episode, we are not going after Amazon but an Amazon FBA equivalent that is Walmart Fulfillment Services and there is no one else who understands Walmart than Dot Com Partners.

Paul and Sergio of Dot Com Partners, being ex-Walmart specialists that they are, will be sharing with us the new features available at Walmart that sellers can take advantage of. Changes and shortcomings that Walmart FS is facing to date, hear it first on this show.

InThis Episode:

[00:37] Welcoming Sergio & Paul of DotCom Partners.

[02:25] Paul speaks about Walmart Fulfillment Services, an Amazon FBA equivalent.

[03:45] Paul explains how Dot Com Partners started.

[05:20] Paul takes the buyer roles in Walmart and what Dot Com Partners agency does to help sellers run their business at Walmart.

[10:19] Walmart has tools prepared that leads to growth to succeed in the next 2-3 years.

[13:03] Changes in Walmart happened not because of the pandemic but has already been in line and is going in the direction it was meant to.

[14:53] Walmart having an FBA equivalent and how was the process?

[17:23] Sergio discusses the shortcomings WFS is going through and that includes manually providing information for the seller’s product.

[19:42] Shipping through WFS and what it’s like.

[21:00] WFS provides 2 -day shipping

[22:50] One of WFS’ goal is to go faster than Amazon

[24:53] Tools that Waalmart has includes listing quality score

[27:30] WFS penalises when seller’s items are OOS

[32:00] What is a Pro Seller Badge?

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Beloved by: Tony Morison

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