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Wizards of Ecom

Jan 11, 2021

It takes courage to leave corporate life that allows you to grow in many ways but it takes greater courage to start and pursue your goal. Let Chris take you to his past experiences as an employee at a CPG company to the knowledge and skills that he acquired from it and how he plans to use them to his advantage now that his goal is Amazon PL.


In This Episode:

[00:35] Introducing aspiring Amazon PL Seller, Chris Cote.

[03:20] Chris speaks about how his journey to Amazon started. Went roaming the world with a CPG company.

[05:29] When Chris decided he wouldn’t go back to corporate and would not retire, he ended up selling on Amazon.

[06:58] The current status of Chris’ Amazon business is working with small brands and managing them. 

[08:10] Chris’ goal is to do Private Label.

[08:40] Identifying new markets, new consumers, new needs is similar to CPG.

[11:05] What is CPG? Consumer Packaged Goods company.

[13:00] Deciding to go mild deep or mild wide inch deep with PL.

[22:00] Analysing a portfolio is a lot harder.

[26:03] What outside amazon would Chris try?

[28:58] The larger the budget comes, larger budget expectations.


Book Reference:

One Word By: Jon Gordon

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