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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 1, 2021

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that gives an enormous opportunity to start-ups as well as long time entrepreneurs to kickstart or launch their products. It takes full time effort to crush a kickstarter campaign though. So, in this episode, I’m gonna be sharing with you 3 successful tactics to get your next product launch funded.

This episode is not about Kickstarter basics but some personal tips and tricks on how to crush your kickstarter campaign.


In This Episode:

[09:30] My personal 3 Kickstarter success tactics

[00:45] Sharing with your 2 news and teaser about meetups

[02:00] Easiest way to find and join Amazon Seller meet- up is our website

[02:50] Ton of offering via

[04:08] A crowdfunding platform- Kickstarter

[06:00] and how it could help and what pledges could do

[07:57] A full time effort to crush it at kickstarter.

[09:52] #1 Fund your way to the top

By setting a budget every month

Finding related products and back their campaign.

[13:35] Advance the relationship by engaging as audience to related products

[15:45] Strategic partnership with other kickstarters.

[15:57] #2 Have a previous kickstarter campaign under your belt.

[18:30] Getting into the kickstarter algorithm.

[21:03] #3 Creating a hitlist.

[22:15] Getting organized.


Book Reference:

Everyone’s A Critic By: Bill Tancer

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