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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 8, 2021

Setting a goal could be easy but keeping them is another story. Goals can be a lot of different things. Personal, health, business, career, etc. To some of us, goals keeps us going. 

Let's hear it form our amazing guest, Liran as he talks about the correlation of business and personal goals and why these two are linked together.

Liran shares life nuggets of wisdom he lives by "Never say no to a baseball catch" and practiced even on a busy schedule.

In This Episode:
[00:30] Welcoming Liran Hirschkorn.
[01:45] Between business and personal goals, What is Liran’s take on this matter?
[04:15] Liran talks about ‘ Build Your Life Resume’

[04:25] Never say no to a baseball catch.
[07:10] Giving time to the kids.
[07:44] Liran travels 100 days/year before Covid.
[09:00] When Covid is gone, it’s probably less travel for Liran. Hear why.
[10:14] Liran on learning how to say NO.
[10:56] Top 3 conferences: Prosper show, Mastermind Event, Hallways
[14:05] Goals for 2021
[17:20] Be consistent.
[20:14] Liran talks about A Day of Destiny Event.
[23:15] Work harder on yourself than you do on your path.
[31:20] Goals suggestion
[38:29] Advice on how to deal with set backs.
[41:50] Parenting yourself

Book Reference:

The Power of Kaballah By: Yehuda Berg

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