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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 22, 2021

Podcast, Instagram, Facebook groups are just few of many among medias we can use to up the game in Ecom business.

We've heard of Live streams improving social media engagements but does it do the same as with selling? Let the live master John Kapos have you experience live stream as I challenge him to an impromptu Live stream.

Get nuggets from John as he inspires and ignites buyers/fans to know more of the product he's selling through live streaming. Who knows, it could be the boost your Ecom needs.


In This Episode:

[00:35] Introducing one of my favorite content creator, John Kapos AKA Chocolate Johnny

[01:10] Talking about how John and I met a few years ago.

[01:30] A selfie with John.

[02:20] A reunion in Clubhouse.

[04:10] Johnny talks about not being afraid to try everything.

[04:30] Who should do live video?

[07:20] Why John decided to share a live video on chocolates.

[12:02] Showing everything about chocolates through live.

[20:09] Equipment and gadgets doing live.

[22:58] John speaks about his worst or most embarrassing live.

[27:20] What's going to happen when you go live and no one watched?

[29:14] Johnny's blu tac theory.

[33:38] Types of video content Johnny would do.

[34:20] Johnny on bringing other people in the live stream.

[35:40] 24 advent calendar live.

[36:50] What motivates John?

[38:14] John talks about creating a story behind a product.

[42:00] How did the pandemic affected the business?

[43:08] John’s favorite social platforms are Tiktok & Instagram.

[46:40] John is launching a podcast.


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The Prosperous Coach By: Steve Chandler & Rich Litvin

The Big Leap By: Gay Hendricks

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