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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 30, 2021

Today I’m riding solo again for the fourth consecutive time and I’m loving it as much as having wonderful guests and today we are gonna be talking about conferences and trade shows I love attending and plans on attending this year and why I recommend them. 

Though there are a lot of other means to stay updated and educated in all things about selling, marketing and PL, conferences and trade shows I’d say is very important not only to stay updated but to hone our skills, refine our strategies, gain new ideas and network.The ones on my list are worth every penny, so listen in and don’t miss the show. 

In This Episode:

[00:25] Conferences and trade shows I love and plan to attend this year.

[01:25] Talking about the 4th episode being solo.

[04:05] 1st on the list, Traffic and Conversion in San Diego California, 100% marketing conference.

[06:45] Seller Velocity in Boston. Use CODE: WIZARD for 10% off your tickets

[08:38] Content Marketing World

[10:46] PLMA: Private Label Manufacturer Association.

[15:10] Online Seller Cruise.


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