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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 27, 2021

Each year we end with a few good lessons and start with new ones that we’ve learnt from the past. It has been a rough and ever changing year for all of us. Nonetheless, we survived and kept our resilient mode.

We are down to last few shows before we end the year 2021 and me and my co-host Noemi Bolojan is making this special for our listeners and viewers with of course a list of the biggest lessons learned or reinforced in this year and what we’ll carry over onto 2022- Part 2 in regards to Amazon business. So, stay with us as we wrap up this year.


In This Episode:

[00:25] Noemi on the show for our Part 2 of 12 biggest lessons learned in 2021 and how to execute them in 2022.

[02:59] Aggregator as a competitor.

[11:08] The cost of going into PL is much higher and making wholesale arbitrage look a lot sexier.

[15:50] Source with marketing in mind.

[19:55] Impact on algorithm

[23:30] Getting a mold.

[31:27] Amazon favors brands.


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