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Wizards of Ecom

May 11, 2022

This episode is a joint episode with my co host Carlos Alvarez and we are happy to share our Amazon journey to everyone.

We specifically talked about our Q1 experiences and what we expect and would do on Q2. Please tune in.

In This Episode:
[01:28] Topic is sum-up of Q1.
[03:00] Calos’ sum-up of Q1 including extending to Tampa and exiting brands.
[05:00] Noemi’s sum-up includes opening an agency.
[08:57] Things that were expected to happen but did not and things that happened over Q1.
[18:30] Things I learned
[21:20] Why Iam not going for the liquid in a bottle brand anymore.
[23:20] Next things to pursue in Q2.
[27:10] Loving the process.
[29:00] Goals for Q2.

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