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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 27, 2023

In this episode, we have Anthony Cofrancesco is the Director of Business Development at Data Dive, the previous owner of Virtuous Graphics, a marketing agency offering copywriting, graphic design, photography, and videography to Amazon sellers to help us in this discussion as he shares insights on how to develop a pro...

Sep 25, 2023

In this podcast episode, I have the honor to have Afolabi Oyerokun, 3rd timer in the show and co-founder of Honu Worldwide to discuss the factors that sellers should take into consideration when selecting a third-party logistics or 3PL partner. Afolabi, and experienced supply chain professional, provides valuable...

Sep 20, 2023

In this podcast episode, our guest Amanda Horvarth, a successful content creator, YouTuber and coach shares her insights and strategies for earning money online in an authentic approach. Amanda emphasizes the importance of being genuine and authentic when building online presence to attract and engage an audience.


Sep 18, 2023

In this episode, we have a second-timer in the show, a good friend, best known as the founder of Beast Gear, Ben Leonard. Ben is a classic millennial entrepreneur, a successful one at that. And he is in to discuss the hidden struggles that exist beyond the glamorous facade of starting and running an online business.

Sep 13, 2023

In this podcast episode, we have the honor to have as guest Nadav Gorlicki, an expert in e-commerce success and financing. Nadav begins with the importance of smart financing in the world of e-commerce as not only about obtaining funds but also about utilizing those funds effectively to ensure the success of...