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Wizards of Ecom

Oct 28, 2019

Doing business with factories and distributors overseas can leave you feeling out of control and wary, or you can enter into new relationships with trust and agreement. Carlos shares why he doesn’t work with any new factory without first having them checked out by a third party inspection service.

Back in the early days of his online selling career, Carlos found a product that had a huge return on investment. After seeing his success in selling on E-Bay, his friends and family came together to build him a fund to get his business going quickly. When he went to the producer of his number one product however, they were not able to fulfill his demand.

This led Carlos to seek a different supplier. With very little research and a whole ton of naivete, he found a supplier who appeared to be legit. He had pictures of the product, the address of a factory; it seemed like everything was in order. Alas, things were not as they seemed and the supplier he’d found was not on the up and up. After sending the supplier all of his money, the man ghosted. It was through this heartbreak that Carlos realized there had to be a better way to work with distributors. 

Get ready to learn why third-party inspection services are so important when you’re developing new relationships with suppliers. Carlos shares his three favorite types of inspections, when you should use them, why you should use them, and his most trusted vendor for having them done. If you plan on doing business overseas, especially in China, then this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Propel your business success through the experience of the wizard of Amazon.


In This Episode:

[00:32] What are third party inspection services and which is Carlos’s favorite? 

[01:36] Learn what can happen if you DON’T use an inspection service through a terrible experience Carlos had early on.

[08:08] Don’t forget to use your resources before sending someone money.

[08:51] Once Carlos began building his capital back up, he searched for ways to avoid making the same mistake.

[09:52] Learn which company Carlos likes most for third party inspections and why.

[10:58] Carlos shares the three most important inspection types and when to use them.

[11:19] First and foremost you need to deploy the full factory audit. Learn why!

[15:34] Next you need to use random inspections and be sure this requirement is in your purchase agreement.

[17:39] Last but not least of Carlos’s favorite inspections is the pre-shipment inspection.

[19:35] Carlos shares an example of special instructions you can give to your inspection company for pre-shipment audits.

[20:41] Learn one thing that you need to keep in mind when you’re reading inspection reports.


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