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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 11, 2019

Customer service should be the backbone of your business. If you take the time to properly address your buyer’s concerns, the return is amazing. Carlos shares with you his personal email templates for responding to customer service concerns and how he turned a customer complaint into a new revenue stream.

How many times have you had someone indicate they received something other than what they ordered? Did they receive less than ordered? How did you feel when this happened? Carlos shares his initial response to these situations and why responding with anger or upset simply results in unsatisfied customers. 

His response now is full of the “wow” factor needed to win that customer over. Never doubt that going the extra mile for someone who is willing to part with their money for their product will result in a return on investment. Carlos shares his exact templates for responding to customer complaints and why they have bolstered his business.

He also dives into the review manipulation issues that some have been facing. Rather than asking for a re-review, consider simply knocking their socks off so that word of mouth works in your favor. Customer service is truly the foundation upon which a strong business is built. Learn how you can ramp up your customer service skills to turn the worst buyer into an avid fan!


In This Episode:

[00:34] Learn how Carlos initially responded to Amazon customer service issues.

[02:17] Carlos discusses the pros and cons of debating customer service issues with buyers.

[03:44] Hear two examples of Carlos’s experiences with customer service problems and his responses.

[05:10] Before hearing his response, please note that a timely response is the most important factor. 

[05:52] Carlos shares one of his canned responses to buyers experiencing an issue with the number of units received.

[09:56] Learn why the follow-up email is critical and what to include.

[11:33] What has Carlos changed in his follow up emails regarding Amazon reviews? 

[13:32] Carlos shares another example of a customer service issue that involves an influencer of sorts.

[16:46] Why customer service can be a revenue stream in your business.


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