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Wizards of Ecom

Jan 20, 2020

The other day I was scrolling along on Facebook and saw a post about creating multiple Amazon seller accounts. The person was looking to learn more information on how to get approved, so I responded with some advice. I very quickly realized that this is a question many people have and wanted to share my advice here as well.


First, let me state that having multiple Amazon seller accounts is oftentimes unnecessary. Unless you have two completely different businesses with their own bank accounts, EINs, etc. or you sell products that appeal to completely different audiences, you likely don’t need multiple seller accounts.


That being said, I do have several Amazon seller accounts and they have all been approved by Amazon with their blessing. Listen in as I share my exact process for getting additional seller accounts approved. If you want the template I mention, send me a DM on Instagram, the link is below.


But please note, if you are doing anything that is not completely above board with Amazon, you will likely not be approved. Amazon keeps track of your activity and just because they haven’t cited you yet, doesn’t mean they won’t. When you apply, your accounts are thoroughly reviewed by Amazon, so be sure that they are all cleaned up.


Listen in as I share my philosophy on having multiple accounts, when you do and do not need them, how to get approved, and what can happen if you’re not fully above board with your activities. If you’ve been considering applying for a second account, you need to listen to this episode.


In This Episode:

[00:39] Welcome back to the show. Listen to learn what inspired this episode.

[05:28] What are the two reasons Amazon will allow you multiple seller accounts?

[08:38] Why you need to be absolutely certain you’re following Amazon’s terms of service.

[10:30] When you shouldn’t request an additional seller account.

[16:53] How you can get approved for multiple seller accounts.

[20:13] Learn the procedure Carlos follows to submit his requests.

[23:37] Why your verbiage to various levels at Amazon should be different.

[27:19] Carlos shares why he has so many seller accounts. 


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