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Wizards of Ecom

Jan 27, 2020

How do middle school football coaches become multi-six figure international Amazon sellers? Kevin Sanderson is known as a podcaster and wonderfully successful Amazon seller who has a passion for sharing his knowledge with others. He has featured several times in the Wizards of Amazon Meetup events and regularly attends events to provide insights on how to make your Amazon business wildly profitable.

Kevin started his international selling in Canada. He has since branched out into countries all over the world and has found that for the most part, each country has its own step-by-step process to get started. He shares the process he used to get his Amazon business off the ground in Canada as well as the tools he uses to make the most from his products.

Given his vast experience with international sales, he’s also picked up wonderful tips and tricks for saving money within the process. Kevin shares UPS Promo Codes you can use to save on your shipping costs as well as the best ways to keep track of and pay your international taxes. Starting an international Amazon selling business is not without its complications, but the information he shares makes success feel within easy reach.

Listen in for amazing tips, tricks, and hacks to start your international sales off right. He also shares how he uses a portion of his international revenue to fund better marketing campaigns for his U.S. products. If you’ve been thinking about venturing into international sales, you will not want to miss this episode.


In This Episode:

[00:36] Welcome Kevin Sanderson to the show! He’s an Amazon seller and podcaster tool!

[04:00] Learn about Kevin’s background and why he’s passionate about helping others find success.

[04:58] Who is Kevin and how did he start selling? 

[10:41] Kevin shares the path he took to becoming a full-time Amazon seller and leaving the 9-to-5.

[11:49] Why relationships are the backbone of successful ventures.

[13:51] Where did Kevin start his international selling and how did he branch out?  

[16:04] Learn how Japan and Australia are a touch different when you start selling in those countries. 

[18:35] Has Kevin started selling in Mexico? 

[19:55] Kevin shares his step-by-step process for selling in Canada.

[20:45] Do your research!

[22:38] What forms do you have to complete before you can sell? 

[24:53] You’ve filed for and been approved for business registration. What next? 

[25:46] How do you determine your inventory numbers? 

[27:13] Want some shipping promo codes to save money with UPS? 

[28:25] How does the customs and payment process work for shipping across the border? 

[31:39] Learn more about currency conversions and how to maximize the rates.

[34:41] Do you need a bookkeeper to keep track of the various yearly country taxes? 

[37:01] Rather than shipping to the U.S. and then back to Canada, can you ship from another country direct to Canada? How does that work with other countries? 

[38:12] What happens to your reviews when you move your listings to Amazon Canada? 

[40:08] Learn more about Kevin’s services and how he can help you venture out internationally.

[44:33] Check out Kevin’s podcast and connect with him.

[45:30] Kevin shares his favorite book.


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