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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 3, 2020

Ever wondered how people create and use short text numbers for giveaways and opt-ins? The product I use is called SlickText. In the resources below you’ll see a direction to text Amazon to 69922. When you do that, a variety of resources are all sent to you automatically.

There are so many ways you can use personalized numbers and text codes to help provide your customers with additional information and resources. I share several of the ways that I use SlickText in my business and why you should start using this in your business. We even have a code to get you into the Wizards of Amazon book club.

This tool helps reduce the friction between you and your customer. You get to speak directly to your customer, instantly. You also keep the ball in your court with regard to your follow up protocols and conversation points. Rather than waiting for someone to call you, email you, or reach out to you, you can immediately reach out to them.

SlickText keeps you from having to keep business cards ready. Instead, you can have a call to action on your booth or a hat and everyone who is interested can whip out their phone and connect with you. It’s an amazing way to reach all different types of people, even those who are unlikely to strike up a conversation with you in person.

I only share the tools and products that I truly love in my business and this one is huge. You can leverage this tool for so many different purposes and I share several of them here. Let me know if you are using SlickText and if you have different ways of boosting your business with this tool.

In This Episode:

[00:24] Welcome back to the show! Carlos is looking forward to sharing an awesome tool he uses in his business called SlickText. 

[01:37] Learn how SlickText works.

[04:11] Why you should consider the higher tier payment options.

[07:11] How you can use SlickText in your business. 

[08:35] One of the first powerful ways Carlos has used this tool in his business. 

[10:11] Why SlickText keeps the connection ball in your court versus your customer’s.

[12:15] Additional ways you can use SlickText when you’re at conferences and events to reach more people.

[14:42] How Carlos uses the tool to help sponsor podcasts and boost his business.

[17:50] SlickText also helps you leverage voice technology and Skills on Alexa.

[19:26] Listen to hear a couple more hacks Carlos has found for SlickText.

[23:06] Carlos does a quick recap of all the ways he uses SlickText in his business. 


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Use Wizards at check out for SlickText and you’ll get a discount.