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Wizards of Ecom

Feb 17, 2020

Despite having an interesting introduction to online selling through Amazon, Vladi Gordon learned the ropes quickly and realized there was a huge gap in seller support tools. Vladi started his online selling business with a unicorn of ideas that just happened to work due to timing and strategic placement. It was only after he started to expand that he realized the amount of work that goes into having an online business.

It wasn’t until Vladi started realizing how many hidden fees there were while doing business that he noticed there weren’t many tools out there to support Amazon sellers with their numbers. As I like to say, you can’t scale what you can’t measure and if your numbers are a mystery, then how do you do business.

Vladi set to work creating a tool that would help identify, categorize, and sort all of the numbers in your seller portal into easy to read reports. Everything down to the cost of shipping and the refunds due because of FBA errors. Because he wants every Amazon seller to benefit, he made the price insanely affordable and continues to support sellers of all sizes.

I am passionate about this tool because I wish I’d had it when I was first starting my business. Listen in as Vladi describes the tool, who it’s for, how it helps, and why you should invest early in your business to set everything up properly. Plus if my review and his detailed description of what the tool offers aren’t enough, Vladi is giving WOA listeners 2-months free! See the link below.


In This Episode:

[00:38] Welcome Vladi Gordon of SellerBoard. Learn more about his background.

[03:01] How Vladi got started and why it was somewhat of a fluke.

[06:42] Vladi realized after the fact how much work running an Amazon business really is.

[08:54] Why did Vladi create SellerBoard? 

[11:04] SellerBoard is for every seller because you have to know your numbers and it’s affordable.

[12:20] Who can benefit from SellerBoard as an Amazon seller? 

[14:42] What are some of the hidden fees that a seller cannot find or may forget about? 

[19:05] You can figure out all of your fees manually, but the process is arduous.

[24:07] Learn what the SellerBoard process looks like instead.

[25:28] SellerBoard allows sellers to….

[27:11] Vladi shares some of the superpowers of the SellerBoard platform.

[31:31] Do additional features cost more money monthly? 

[34:18] How to get your 2-month free trial? 

[34:47] Vladi’s favorite book and why.


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