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Wizards of Ecom

May 11, 2020

Why should you consider automating more of your processes in life and business? Dillon Carter of Vendrive is here to share that answer with you. He is the king of automation and creating business efficiencies and he’s sharing his best tips on how to streamline your processes. 


First, why are you NOT using your keyboard shortcuts? There is no reason you should be populating your email address or the date or any of those other rote bits of information each time you send correspondence.


You need Keyboard Maestro (Mac). With this one tool you can automate how you type, pulling up programs, talking to those programs, and managing your files. Want better, more efficient file management? Blend Keyboard Maestro with Hazel!


Still not enough? Incorporate Zapier and automate program to program automations. 


Think of all the things that you do over and over in your business. Can those tasks be automated? More often than not the answer is yes!


Rather than thinking that you need to bring on another body to handle the tasks that you just don’t have time for, instead think of how you can automate those tasks. If you can hold off on bringing in additional personnel until you’re at more than $500k per year, then you’ve got it made.


Dillon is a wealth of knowledge on how you can better integrate work and life without letting either suffer or take over. You’ll definitely want to catch this episode if you’ve been looking for better ways to make your business more automated!


In This Episode:

[00:37] Welcome Dillon Carter to the show to chat about automation. 

[01:40] Dillon shares a bit about his show and his entrepreneurial endeavors.

[03:54] Testing everything was the best way to get his feet wet. 

[07:23] How does Dillon make all of his ventures work? 

[09:47] Why automation is so important to exceptional results. 

[10:20] Dillon has given up the idea of work life balance and has incorporated work life integration.

[13:41] What does Dillon’s tech stack look like and why? 

[16:22] Keyboard Maestro is an amazing way to automate keyboard shortcuts with program functions. 

[18:02] How did Dillon figure out how long small tasks were taking him to do over and over. 

[19:08] Dillon uses Hazel to create rules to rename files, send them to folders, and keep you organized. 

[20:31] Learn how Hazel figures out which files go where.

[22:59] Hazel can even clean up your desktop dumps. Learn how!

[24:40] What’s the cost for Hazel and the learning curve?

[27:14] How does Zapier work with your Facebook group? 

[32:02] Has Siri gotten good enough to use in automation? 

[33:37] Is Siri shortcuts different from regular Siri?

[37:11] Any other stand out tools? 

[39:33] How Dillon keeps track of his thoughts and ideas even when he’s not ready to act.

[42:42] Airtable is for planning… Todoist is for day to day tasks…

[47:13] … and everything else you can use to automate.

[49:59] Where should someone start with getting automated? 

[52:22] What is the OAO framework? 

[54:22] Connect with Dillon and what’s his favorite book? 


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