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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 6, 2020

First things first, I’m sorry this episode has taken me so long to get to. Things have been crazy with Covid and all the changes that Amazon has been making. That being said, had you received this episode four months ago as promised, I wouldn’t have as many amazing things to tell you. 


Let’s just hop in. I’m not talking about the basics of Amazon Live Video here. This is an episode dedicated to the live video tactics you should be using in your business now. Have you seen the Amazon created “Follow” button in your live videos? That button is very important.

Much like with YouTube, anyone who follows you will be notified when you go live. That means that people who already follow your brand and like what you’re offering will know that you have something new to say! I also share several awesome tactics for making that button stand out just a bit more!


Additionally, you can use the tools Amazon has given you in their live platform to increase your keyword find, search, buy numbers. Rather than putting the item you’re discussing in the carousel below the video, leave it out! Make people search through your products to find that amazing deal.


And yes… you do NEED to go live. Pre-recorded videos are not cutting it on the Amazon platform, so think of this as personal growth. Get a bit uncomfortable and start seeing amazing returns on that discomfort. 


Amazon Live Videos can be a game changer for your Amazon store, if you let it!


In This Episode:

[00:24] Welcome back to the show and get ready to learn more about Amazon Live Video.

[03:02] Hear the top four sections of Amazon Live Video that you need to focus on. 

[05:06] The first thing you need to focus on is the call to action. Learn why!

[08:19] One last tip for the follow button to make it even more obvious. 

[10:43] Next is the verbal search, find, buy option for live videos. 

[13:02] Don’t put the product you’re talking about in the carousel below the video. 

[16:28] How you can use countdown timers to boost your sales. 

[18:43] Why you should pre-schedule your Amazon Live videos. 

[20:46] Once your Amazon Live Video is done you can then use the URL of your video to share it out in other places.

[23:37] The final thing that you need to know about Amazon Live. 

[27:07] Why you shouldn’t just pre-record your videos. 

[31:02] One huge no-no you should stay away from.

[33:22] Quick recap of the episode and the tactics you should start using for your lives. 


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