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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 31, 2020

They say that when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Augustas has definitely worked his way to where he is now but his passion is his determination.

Time and budget pressure, and unexpected things that could happen on events are what organizers face on their jobs and that probably is also the driving factor for Augustas. The thrill and fulfillment he gets by serving people that being a computer programmer did not satisfy him.

What does it mean to live your dream as what Augustas describes his fulfillment of becoming an event organizer?  


In This Episode:

[00:35] Welcome to the show Augustas Kligys

[01:55] How Augustas can pull off an event that attendees have only good things to say.

[03:30] Augustas on how he is fulfilling his dream and making people happy.

[05:10] Augustas sent CVs to events companies and was not offered a job.

[06:20] How events became his passion and followed his heart.

[07:50] Amazon FBA came 5 years ago and how it all started.

[09:20] Getting full scholarship on Virtual Summit Mastery

[10:00] In-person event or virtual summit?

[13:00] How an idea came and the PPC Congress was born.

[14:40] Targeting Seller-fest for local sellers in different countries.

[16:00] How Covid affected the events

[18:50] Do events organized by others still appeal to Augustas?

[20:20] What drives Augustas to do events aside from the profit?

[23:50] What’s cooking? Working on virtual summit

[27:00] Augustas talks about recording the events.

[28:30] Youtube Channel-orange klik

[34:00] Favorite book: The Millionaires Mind by Harv Eker

 Links and Resources:

Wizards of Amazon

Wizards of Amazon Courses

Wizards of Amazon Meetup


WEBSITE: orangeklik





GUEST NOTES: I will be speaking at his recently Announced Event "Seller Fest Online" which will run in late September.