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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 21, 2020

 “Life was meant for good friends and great ventures”. This must be what Ned and friends had in mind when they started Umbrella Fund. From the name itself, Umbrella Fund is a corporation initiated by friends of the same interest in acquiring and growing businesses under one umbrella.

Umbrella Fund has a unique way of growing its own by acquiring percentage of outstanding and new companies by helping them grow and develop the business.

Learn more in this episode and find out if it fits you and your ventures.


In This Episode

[00:30] Welcoming Ned Hakam, co-founder of Umbrella Funds

[01:27] How umbrella funds started

[02:50] Put together by friends of same interest. Funds under one umbrella acquiring 4-5 companies yearly.

[04:25] 15% as lowest equity Umbrella funds have so far

[04:45] Bringing people in the table that wants to build a business.

[05:20] which kind of business Umbrella funds take in.

[09:25] Why they don’t hire entrepreneurs.

[12:50] How does Umbrella funds start a deal?

[18:35] Two types of business partner/client: profit base and equity base

[22:27] The Company acquires 4-5 companies a year to give 3-4 months to settle an acquisition

[23:34] Ned works in the acquisition side of the company.

[32:00} Power in numbers

[32.30] Umbrella funds had set-up corporation in other countries such as Philippines and Vietnam


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Book Reference:

Good to Great by: Jim Collins