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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 28, 2020

#049-Amazon Bribery & Back End Deals Exposed with Jeff Schick of Seller Basics

Amazon/Ecom Attorney and 7 figure Amazon seller Jeff Schick proved that having multiple passions works well when you know how to put them together. Find out his take on the controversial Amazon bribery scheme involving 6 individuals and do not miss his legal advice.

Find out more about Seller Basics and how they could help you protect your business legally.

In This Episode:


[00:40] Welcoming Jeff Schick

[02:51] June 11, 2011 when Jeff started his Amazon selling journey with the 6 months free trial.

[05:00] Jeff talks about how he sells different products until they grow and grow.

[06:00] How Amazon changes over the years

[06:40] Jeff talks about packaging options 10 years back.

[09:24] How Amazon impacted Jeff’s law journey.

[10:50] OMG- Online Merchant’s Guild and attorneys volunteering to make it happen.

[12:50] Bribery Case: United States VS. Amazon consultants

[13:17] Jeff talks about 3 major charges in the case.

[17:30] What conspiracy to access a protected computer without authorization means (hacking)

[18:42] Most damning in this case was when client 1 was banned from Amazon and got reinstated at the price of $200,000 allegedly with the help of these consultants.

[20:43]  DOJ Seized $100,000 from a raid happened August 19, 2020

[22:30] Wire fraud cases

[24:20] What would probably Amazon do with this case.

[25:30] Amazon would probably identify more who are involved in this case and do their own audit.

[27:30] The meaning of Wire Fraud

[28:48] What is going to happen to the sellers that hires these consultants?

[34:40] Know who is working on your account. 

[36:00] Seller Basics and why you need the

[38:00] How seller basics works

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Book References:

Harry Potter Series by: JK Rowlings

Financial Peace by: Dave Ramsey



LINKEDIN: jeffrey-h-schick

GUEST NOTES: Here is a link to the Bribery Case referenced: