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Wizards of Ecom

Oct 26, 2020

Sourcing and supply chain is a main problem in a business if you do not know where to look. Noviland provides solutions in sourcing and purchasing globally with over 4,000 factories in the network. 

Ditching traditional supply chain planning and solution with Noviland’s cloud platform. Francois will guide you through how it works from getting you the best quotes with the help from data science and AI, through purchasing with a team of sourcing, logistics and factory experts.

Francois and I will dive in building relationships with your factories at the end of this episode. Get to know his take on this matter. 


On This Episode:

[00:34] Introducing Francois Jaffre, Director of business development in Noviland

[01:00] Meeting Francois via meet-up when he presented at Amazon seller meet-up.

[03:20] Francois talking about being the business development director.

[03:40] Noviland is a sourcing and supply chain company.

[04:40] How Noviland started.

[08:50] Noviland is 5 yrs and launched the platform in 2018.

[09:55] Helping a business scale up quickly.

[13:10] What is fascinating about supply chain management.

[16:00] Importance of RFQ.

[19:15] Noviland involves researches, order samples.

[23:29] RFQ Checklist.

[26:00] What is Noviland’s ideal customer? Any business that looking to source from overseas.

[29:00] What is the starting budget Noviland suggests?

[31:55] Noviland charge percentage.

[34:00] What logistics looks like with Noviland.

[43:00] Noviland’s take on building relationships with factories.


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Blitzscaling By: Reid Hoffman

The Lean Startup By: Eric Ries



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