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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 22, 2021

In Today’s episode, we have the director of sales and partnerships of Deliverr, Michael Sene and we are going to breakdown how best to utilize Deliverr in your E-commerce business to grow beyond Amazon without having to be a slave to the box tape in the merchant fulfilled style lifestyle.

Listen in as Michael  guides us through how to double your sales, increase the volume of clicks and purchases and drive buyers with fast shipping offers locally. Deliverr’s goal is to make clients get ahead of their business with next day delivery offers.


In This Episode:

[00:35] Introducing Michael Sene of Deliverr

[0100] Goal of the company is to set 1-day delivery

[02:28] Michael as director of sales and partnerships at Deliverr

[03:40] Deliverr is a daylight solution

[04:35] focused on fast track

[05:00] Controlling social media ads.

[08:35] Deliverr offers $5 credit for every late delivery.

[09:50] Goal of increasing your volume.

[10:20] How does it work to get your products to be at Deliverr?

[12:04] Deliverr does not offer International and returns shipping. What is Deliverr’s plan on these matter?

[13:25] Deliverr is transparent to its customers by posting their prices on the website and have them compare.

[14:15] More clicks & more purchases.

[15:14] The biggest frustrating issues of clients with Deliverr.

[16:55] Deliverr helps recommend other service providers to clients.


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LinkedIn: Michael Sene



Book Reference:

Factfulness By: Hans Rosling

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