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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 24, 2021

It’s the first episode with me, Noemi Bolojan and I’m very much excited to introduce my very first guest and a good friend, an 8 year Amazon seller and host of WOE spanish, Aleksejs Leal.


In this episode, Aleksejs and I talked about a lot of topics and I guarantee you wouldn’t want to miss his advice on a successful Amazon journey that includes not drinking and smoking and living a healthy lifestyle. It may sound odd for advice? Listen in and learn of his convincing reasons.


It’s no holds barred as Aleksejs walks us through his own Amazon journey before he’s had 15 Amazon stores and his failed partnerships. He’s gonna fill us in on why exiting is an advisable strategy. These a lot more nuggets of Ecom wisdom are waiting for you when you tune in.

In This Episode:

[00:30] Aleksejs who introduced himself as an 8 year Amazon seller with 15 Amazon stores, 5 Ebay stores and 2 distribution companies.

[02:30] Aleksejs talks about his 3 takeaways from 2020

[05:40] Aleksejs advice, disadvantages and advantages faced along the way.

[08:27] A business partner should have the same goal as you.

[10:05] First marketplace for Aleksejs: Amazon

[13:35] Private label should not be a monthly income.

[17:48] Few habits to practice: not drinking and not smoking.

[22:40] Aleksejs speaks about having a journal from a few years back and how it helps.

[30:48] WOA is something that helps Aleksejs improve himself business wise and personal.


Book References:

Rich Dad Poor Dad By: Robert Kiyosaki

Money Masters The Game By Tony Robbins

Virtual Freedom By: Chris Ducker


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