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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 31, 2021

A woman with so many titles attached to her name. A mom, an entrepreneur, a military, business coach, public speaker, product inventor, SEO expert and more. Her long list of credentials is not our topic for today but her struggles, her sacrifices and how it all contributed to her success.  From starting scared after leaving her job to taking business trips with her children, Amy will share them all in this episode.

You wouldn’t want to miss on a single brilliant word of advice. Allow her to mentor you in this inspirational 40 minutes as we talk about family time, priorities, scheduling and boundaries.  


In This Episode:

[00:26] Welcoming Amy Wees

[01:35] Amy describes herself in 3 words.

[02:46] Amy as a mompreneur.

[08:25] How Amy shows love to her kids without having to present every time.

[10:59] How to involve the kids in the business.

[15:55] How does spirituality helps in the business

[22:20]  Amy talks about scheduling in time creatively.

[24:24] Spending time for yourself

[28:25] Integrating what she learned from military training to business.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad By: Robot Kiyosaki

Cash Flow Quadrant By: Robert Kiyosaki

The Lean Start-up By: Eric Ries

Clockwork By: Mike Michalowicz

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