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Wizards of Ecom

May 17, 2021

On Today’s Episode, we have a returning guest from my most trusted inspection agency, V-trust, Mitchell Johnson. Mitchell is back the second time around in this 3-part series to discuss further more about the importance of product quality inspections.

Controlling product quality is something every business product owner must look into not only to increase the value of their product and to meet consumers needs but also for their own gain and peace of mind especially when their manufacturer is abroad.
Mitchell enthusiastically shared with me 3 important things you’ll need before getting into anything, things that may influence product quality and how to address them, types of inspections recommended for better product quality and cost of inspections under V-trust. So, don’t miss the show especially if quality is your priority.

In This Episode:
[00:30] Welcoming back Mitchell Johnson from V-trust.
[02:15] I’ve been duped $81,000 before I learned of V-trust.
[03:50] Why controlling product quality is important.
[06:20] The first you’d need is your golden sample.
[08:38] When so you need the sample? ODM is one way to get a sample done.
[11:00] How sample checking works.
[14:55] Lab testing samples can also be done.
[16:15] Things that may influence quality.
[19:30] Check templates available online.
[20:17] Product specs
[23:55] V-trust makes recommendations/consultation on addressing problems or the next step.
[32:40] Inspection types: PSI,Production inspection.
[34:17] Cost of inspections with V-trust.
[37:20] Last thing to note: Defects

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Freakonomics 2 or Super Freakonomics By: Stephen J. Dubner Steven D. Levitt

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