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Wizards of Ecom

May 19, 2021

Is it possible to start an Amazon business in as little as $300? Apparently, It is! That’s according to wholesale bundling expert, Kristin Ostrander who will share her expertise and knowledge in what she describes as “Poor man’s Private Label”. Intriguing enough? Let’s explore more of wholesale bundling because in this episode, Kristin also shares where to find wholesale vendors, search volume with bundling, validating data and products that have less competitors.

Maximizing your PL with bundling is something you would not want to miss. So tune in and get nuggets and nuggets of information you’ll ever need in wholesale bundling.

In This Episode:
[00:30] Welcoming Kristin Ostrander on the show.
[01:00] What is wholesale bundling?
[02:50] Margins for wholesale bundling.
[05:02] How to find wholesale vendors.
[06:00] Understanding your customer’s needs and supplying their needs.
[08:10] good bundle samples.
[13:01] Importance of search volume with bundling.
[15:10] Searching for products that have less competitors.
[19:50] Common mistakes in bundling.
[23:35] Best practices to practice not just in bundling but in any PL business.
[28:05] How to be different from competitors?
[30:50] What is the recommended bundle limit.
[37:00] Maximizing your PL with bundling.

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No Excuses By: Brian Tracy
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Dream Big Step Small By: Kristin Ostrander

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