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Wizards of Ecom

May 24, 2021

All problems have solutions and that includes what seems to be your unreachable PPC goals. Today, our guest, Ritu Java of PPC Ninja will help us in more ways that one to learn the importance of diagnosing the problem. It sounds very technical, isn't it? Do you think funneling PPC needs expertise?
Let's hear what Ritu have to say about that as she discussed the how-tos of troubleshooting the funnel.

In This Episode:
[00:30] Welcome Ritu java on the show.
[04:00] System to troubleshoot the funnel
[06:00] Ritu started E-com selling jewelry in Japan and her Ecom background
[12:40] Does PPC funneling need expertise?
[13:50] Types of conversion rates.
[14:40] Types of metrics you need in funneling
[22:20] targeting video ads
[25:30] Creating video ads for ranking and drive conversion.
[28:45] Levels of analyzing the funnel.
[30:20] What to look for
[31:52] The most frequent culprit: conversion rate
[34:30] controlling price thru coupon
[41:00] Reasoning why ACOS is high.
[47:50] PPC Ninja mastermind courses.

Guest Links and References:
INSTAGRAM: @ppcninja

Book Reference:
Theory of Constraints By: Eliyahu Goldratt

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