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Wizards of Ecom

Jun 21, 2021

In Today’s episode, Noemi and I will be hosting the show and we are joined by a mutual friend, fellow Wizards of Amazon and veteran Amazon seller, Marc Furma. And to make WOE podcast’s 100th episode special and to thank you all for sticking out with us, we bring you a topic that is close to every Ecom business owners, logistics. 

Speeding up and building same-day check-ins, avoiding future OOS strategy, developing relationships,  2D barcodes, SPD over palate and 3PL plans before Q4 are among the most valuable topics we have discussed in today’s episode that you wouldn’t want to miss. So tune in and learn more logistic ins and outs.

In This Episode:

[00:25] Today’s episode is with my co-host Noemi Bolojan and our guest is fellow wizard, Marc Furma.

[02:10] 100th WOE podcast episode. We look forward to your podcast reviews and feedback.

[02:35] True or false 

[05:00] Avoiding OOS in future.

[06:30] Marc talks about the shipping business and how it looks.

[07:50] About not shipping directly on Amazon.

[11:15] Having side by side FBM & FBA and how it plays a part.

[19:24] Talking about making a sustainable shipping business.

[20:57] How to do same day check-ins and who to develop relationships to do so.

[25:24] How do you stay persistent yet respectful?

[31:55] Experience of 2d barcodes and how it speeds up check-ins.

[37:23] 3PL for Q4

[39:50] Summary of solutions to shipping problems


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