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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 19, 2021

From being a badass at MMA ring to being a badass Kickstarter fundraiser, Mina Elias is joining us in this no holds barred episode where he’ll talk about how he aced his first Kickstarter campaign. 

Crushing a Kickstarter is one thing, turning it into an Amazon PL success is another. Let’s hear it from a PL pro. Having been successful on a supplement label, let’s learn the brilliant idea of his coffee alternative that’s launched on Kickstarter. Tune is as he shares his tactics, his regrets, and all what’s to do when launching a Kickstarter. 


In This Episode:

[00:28] Welcome Mina Elias on the show.

[03:05] Mina talking about a genius Kickstarter product.

[09:15] What is a Kickstarter according to Mina?

[12:45] What is an early adopter?

[15:00] Being a supplement seller on Amazon.

[17:27] Challenging himself is how he started the Kickstarter campaign.

[21:45] How is 250% fund on kickstarter a failure?

[26:00] Building mailing list and sms blasting.

[29:20] Nailing a kickstarter by pitching.

[41:53] How would Mina do it the next time?


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