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Wizards of Ecom

Jul 21, 2021

Making money from your list. Isn’t that exciting to hear? Email marketing is not a new marketing strategy but not all is using it and maximizing its potential. This topic has been discussed in this podcast for several times now and here we are talking about it again and how you’d benefit from it if you use it wisely.

In this episode, Michael Gavin, who’s an email marketing expert, will share with us the potential that is Email Marketing. You’ll hear from him how to start and strategize your email marketing to a more profitable tool, engaging the audience from your list as well as tips and tricks to a fun email. So tune in and learn a highly effective marketing strategy that costs less.


InThis Episode:

[00:40] Welcoming Michael Gavin on the show.

[01:50] Michael talks about his background and experiences.

[05:15] Email marketing according to Michael.

[07:58] What is starting on email marketing like?

[11:01] Building list is a priority.

[12:40] Email marketing tips and tricks.

[16:00] Time and budget doing it yourself.

[22:00] maximizing pop-ups.

[25:50] Most common mistakes with email marketing.

[29:00] Being product centric is not good.

[31:00] Collaborations with competitors.


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