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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 15, 2021

Today I’m riding solo and I wanna talk about something uncertain that is causing a bit of a scare to all Amazon sellers including myself. This unofficial form that was released, if it becomes official, will surely stir-up and affect our rankings. The question now is, are we ready?

Over the years, rules change and we eventually have to adapt to it. This episode, as we talk about the possible changes, we will also talk about how you could possibly crush it through. These rules may negatively impact your ranking, launch and scaling.

Planning beforehand, techniques I do to adapt, and changes you should or should not make. I hope this episode gives you composure and helps you out in some ways.

In This Episode:
[00:20] Solo episode’s inspiration
[01:00] Seller form post about an unofficial rules update to Amazon.
[04:50] My approach to Amazon’s rules if this becomes official.
[05:19] What are these rules’ intentions?
[07:35] 2 techniques I’m using in regards to these changes.
[08:40] Treasure hunts
[12:50] Relying on email.
[14:20] Rebates
[17:40] Funnels are not allowed.
[19:30] Start planning for this.
[23:08] Buyer score.

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