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Wizards of Ecom

Nov 29, 2021

Today is another solo episode and I’m gladly sharing with you my thoughts about the hottest topic everyone has been buzzing about, the new Amazon Terms of Service. I’m also sharing a road forward for ranking and solidifying profitable success on Amazon.  

Amazon has been clear and direct with this new TOS that search find buy and rebates are against the rules, now what? First, let’s look back and figure out the possible causes that lead to these new rules and then we’ll discuss the possible sanctions sellers could face when caught. 


In This Episode:

[00:45] Why this topic?

[01:00] New Terms of Service in ranking.

[02:33] The goal of this episode.

[05:25] manipulating sales rank and attempting to manipulate sales results.

[08:50] Amazon is clear and direct.

[11:20] Abusing might have caused this.

[13:40] Shadow banning.

[15:00] Intention of the new TOS.

[20:05] Product sourcing.

[20:55] Will Amazon suspend those who use rebates?


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