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Wizards of Ecom

Mar 23, 2022

This episode is a must listen to episode you wouldn’t want to miss. Adam Heist will be sharing his 8 Frameworks to successfully launch a brand on Amazon FBA this 2022 that is as good as your guide to launching. We will dive deeper into which area of the business you should pay more attention to. So buckle up and enjoy the show.

In This Episode:
[00:55] Welcoming Adam Heist on the show.
[03:20] 8 Frameworks and how Adam came up with it.
[08:46] Start with the customer first.
[11:45] Find something that you are to align with your budget
[14:10] Understanding the competitiveness of your products. Creating a hyper-compelling offer for your customer.
[15:10] 2 data points of competitiveness.
[21:00] What can make you stand out in the market.
[21:45] 3d modeling to scale world class creativity.
[26:25] Building up a pre-launch list.
[31:10] landing page
[33:29] Applying 6 points keywords
[36:50] Deploy a variety of traffics.
[40:05] Optimize working capital and cash.

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Book References:
The $100M Offer by Alex Hormozi
Launch by Jeff Walker
The Business Playbook by Chris Ronzio

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