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Wizards of Ecom

Apr 13, 2022

As promised, here’s the 2nd part and continuation of our episode with Izabella Ritz where we tackle Product Research for Amazon FBA in 2022.

This episode is nuggets after nuggets that you would not want to miss a second of. Izabella drops pro tips for us all whether you are a newbie or not. So listen in and ready your pens and notepads.

In This Episode:
[00:20] 2nd Part with Izabella Ritz
[00:40] Next step is branding
[02:30] The variations
[05:50] testing
[09:00] Prioritizing listings
[10:10] Scaling and PPC
[11:00] Registry and Amazon Transparency
[13:15] PPC Aggresiveness
[17:20] External traffic.
[21:20] When to get your money back?

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Louise Hay Books
Sigmund Freud's The three Contributions Theory
Jonathan Livingston's Seagull

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