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Wizards of Ecom

May 18, 2022

Today’s topic is books. Most specifically, top 3 favorite books of our previous guests from the show.

A little background of why I like to feature this topic on this podcast. Books used to be my least favorite topic back in my childhood. But generally, I became fascinated as I grew older that there’s so many things you could pick up reading a book like learning from someone else’s mistakes and these books are actually shortcuts to learning things easier and faster to reach your goal.

Listen in as our guests share their favorite books and why you should read them too.

In This Episode:
[00:20] Aleksej Leal
[03:40] Amy Wees
[04:23] Alina Vlaic
[05:11] Kitty Lai
[07:09] Rachel Ollen
[07:25] Paul Wilson
[08:28] Destaney Wishon
[09:17] Kristin Ostander
[10:54] Elizabeth Greene
[12:24] Tom Breeze
[13:35] Shash Singh
[13:51] Paul Baron
[15:04] Norman Farrar
[16:03] Michael Galvin
[17:50] Alina Vlaic
[18:28] Adam Heist
[20:28] Michael Erikson Facchin
[21:37] Ramon Gonzales
[22:30] Gabriel Caceros

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