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Wizards of Ecom

Aug 29, 2022

Let’s tackle the state of PPC advertising presently and what we can see happening in the future with Data Hawk’s VP of Sales, Jeremiah Chambers. 

Jeremiah shares Data Hawk’s specialty in analytics and the importance of data in determining the strategy  to optimize your PPC more effectively. This and a lot more. So tune in and we’ll give the dibs of future PPC advertising.

In This Episode:

[01:24] welcoming Jeremiah Chambers of Data Hawk

[04:20] Optimizing strategy.

[05:50] Amazon is less competitive with PPC?

[12:55] When things are less competitive, what should we do?

[22:02] Discovering keyword gems.

[27:20] The state of Amazon PPC.

[29:30] Abandon the product or abandon the opportunity?


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Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins


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