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Wizards of Ecom

Sep 14, 2022

Hi Wizards! It’s me Noemi and Iam back sharing what I love to share to help any way I can to help sellers grow like I did in this 2nd part of the series Hiring and Managing a remote team. 

In this episode, we focus on the management part of your remote team. If you missed out the hiring part of the series, please refer to Episode 227.

Managing a team is never an easy task, what more a remote one? But fret not! It’s easy when you have the proper knowledge and tools to make it manageable. The key is being the best manager you can be, how? By building a strong support system for your team with your leadership style and more. Listen in to find out more!


In This Episode:

[00:40] 2nd part of the series. Refer to Episode 227 for the first part

[01:10] Management takes time

[02:08] Leadership style

[05:00] Communication channels

[10:45] On boarding process.

[14:00] Being clear about the benefits.

[15:40] Teamwork evaluation.

[16:25] Project management software

[18:35] Team management.


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