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Wizards of Ecom

Dec 14, 2022

Jens Gould is the Founder and CEO of Amalga Group, a nearshore staffing firm that provides top-tier talent from Latin America to U.S. e-commerce businesses. Amalga provides cost-effective and highly qualified specialists in tech, marketing and admin services who help businesses maximize productivity and lower costs.

Isn’t it wonderful having an extra pair of hands running the business with ease? It’s only a matter of time when a business is ready to expand by hiring its first employee. In this episode, we’ll discuss when is the right time to do that. This is all the first steps you need to take and do in order to hire the right employee.


In This Episode:

[01:00] Jens Gould in the show

[02:05] When is the optimal time to hire your first VA?

[05:50] Training as VA

[10:45] Correct and false expectation.

[19:15] A good training time of VA.

[21:15] Common mistakes newbies make when hiring.


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